Imagine that you’re in front of an audience made up of your friends, family, and people from your community, about to present a 5-minute talk on the thing you’re most passionate about. You brought 20 slides, which advance every 15 seconds whether you’re ready or not. You have a few last-minute butterflies, but off you go—and the crowd loves it. Welcome to Ignite.

Presenting on the subjects of their choice, Ignite speakers have only a few minutes to amuse, educate, enlighten, or inspire the audience. Talks cover a wide range of topics, from roller skating to nuclear reactors.

In addition to the quick-fire talks, these events are a great place to catch up with old friends and make new ones over a drink and snacks. Whether you’re most interested in being inspired or meeting new folks, Ignite is the perfect place to have fun and feel “ignited” about life all over again.

Our events have a history of selling out so get your tickets quickly.